Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Aim: To design a death mechanic for player which is based on a non-health system gameplay.

Method: Unity, C# programming

Result: According to the main mechanic about interactions between player and shadow, shadow is covering player character to lead to player’s death. A shader has been produced to present a progress from a non-shadow state to a full-shadow state for player character. Once firefly is far away from main character for long time, the shadow is beginning to cover main character and finally lead to death. Since this is a double player game, this function could also contribute to limit actions of firefly player and main character player which are expected to stay on a proper range of distance.

Discussion: I have successfully built the function but would like to develop material further. For now, the material has been produced by simple textures from my group member and I would like to collaborate with him to develop the effect further based on better textures.

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By Ang Li (Leon)
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Published On: 12/09/2021