Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Reflective Practice

The studio and subjects are structured using the model of Reflective Practice to relate and integrate both the academic and the material aspects of your professional work. 

Cycles of Practice and Reflection provide a way to engage with iterative “loops” of creative endeavour, directed to questions, problems, enthusiasms, or designs that you will discover.  Reflection can happen inside and across all aspects of production. 

In the course of your degree you will be moving through many tasks that embody different aspects of the practice research cycle (often simultaneously).  Because it is quite difficult to “know and reflect” on what you are doing when you work, (and often feels ‘false’ or intrusive) we will help you to categorize your work in each subject to identify the different modes of work that you will produce.

These categories allow you to collect the data which you then use to demonstrate a continuing engagement with the content of the program.  They can be thought of as sub-objects that inform the creation of the larger objects (MINOR, MAJOR, EXEGESIS) that you will be asked to complete at MAGI.  These are:

Aspect Pointer
BACKGROUND/CHARACTER – who is the maker?
PLAY/DISCOVERY – what is there to make?
CONTEXT/SITE/FIELD/CULTURE – who else is making?
PRODUCTION/TÉCHNE – methods of making and knowing