Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

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For the final week of IOL, I have complied everything I worked on this semester on a demo level. Here you can see all the animations working in real-time through the inputs given by the player. The swing mechanic and the parallax effect can also be seen working in the game. (If the video is not playable, you can check it out here too:

I created this demo level inside of Unity and made those animations work with user input through state-machines. I had to work around some of the animations, like the jump and the swing, to work well with Unity. For example, I had to break down the jump animation into two parts: take-off and landing, to make it work properly within the game.

I am happy with how my final result turned out. I have almost all of the thing that move in my game figured out, like I had planned. The only things that remain are the AI movement and the environment effects. Now, it’s just the matter of building the levels and implementing these mehanics and animations to the game.

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By Atul Shakya
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Published On: 16/06/2021