Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I observed the strings and the frescoes at Dunhuang.

In response to the theme of The relationship between line and dance and emotion, I made a The power of lines using Photoshops.

By doing ,i showed that Using multiple layers and changing layer effects, I created a line of a female demon from the deep struggling to cultivate for a thousand years, always yearning for the light. Her magic and hem come from the darkness of the abyss, and she bears it all alone, enduring a thousand years of loneliness just to explore the world of light beyond the sea. I therefore use a combination of lines and brushes of many colours in combination with each other.

It is worth noting that when I was making it I was concerned that both the ore and the frescoes were fascinating because of their age, so I deliberately created this roughness to reflect the millennia of sand and wind wear.

Similar work has been produced by The flying celestial frescoes in the Dunhuang Caves, with their graceful dances and light skirts. By observing them, I wanted to feel the emotions expressed by the way the flying Buddha's garments flowed. The long sashes resemble the lines and at the same time give a source and connotation to the sense of spirituality. At the same time, by looking at the Tianhe stone and the purple dragon crystal, the mysterious lines on them express the way they cope and the story they have told over the years as they have experienced the baptism of nature.


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By Guo Bingqian (Mila)
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Published On: 22/07/2021