Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, the work I produced is a story template called "The Birth of Natural Laws". This work uses timeline description to study the help of timeline changes to narrative logic.
I took the game "Stone of Destiny" as my starting point. This game is known as the ancestor of multi-timeline crossing and parallel worlds. Different from the general multi-time narrative, the game clearly shows the principle of time travel to the player. I think the reason for the success of this game is that the game timeline is reasonably clear when it changes, rather than just a brief mention when the time changes in normal games. So I think a reasonable and clear timeline arrangement will be an important help to the narrative logic. Therefore, in the development process of the storyboard, I will add a clear timeline bound to the main story line, highlighting the logical process from the cause to the result of the event.
According to the classroom extended reading "Time and Space in Digital Game Storytelling", the author believes that in games, time and space work together to anchor text, visual, auditory and other interactive cues in digital games, and game players can build their The world of psychological stories. The player’s narrative experience is largely influenced by the way these clues are embedded in the game to form a temporal and spatial pattern. In creating compelling plots and games, equipment and features that help tell stories and play games are especially important. After understanding this, I realized that the timeline is not only a guiding axis that exists independently on the story, but also a "key" that helps the audience to better sort out the logic.
This week, based on class study, I realized the importance of timeline for a story template. It can be said that if there is no concept of time, then the expression in space will be meaningless. In the past, when writing story templates, the timeline might be just a dispensable existence, but now I think if you want the story line to be clear enough for the audience to understand what you want to express, the timeline will be a very Good auxiliary tool

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Published On: 03/05/2021