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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, the work I produced is a story template called "The Birth of Natural Laws". This work uses dialogue description to study the help of dialogue to characterize characters.
I take the British drama "Sherlock Holmes" as my starting point. When Holmes investigates the suspect, there are always a lot of dialogue and detailed shots of the characters' actions. Through these descriptions, Holmes will gradually grasp the characteristics of the prisoner. I think this is the charm of dialogue, which can portray a character with a high degree of fullness. Therefore, in the story template I am developing, I will add a lot of dialogue description to enrich the character.
According to the content learned in the classroom: Dialogue can take place at any place, any time, and any place. The function is to provide the background of the event and the content that the picture cannot express. It is a very convenient way of narration. Dialogue exposes us to the inner world character of the world. It can tell us how someone feels and/or what they think. It can get you into the subconscious
As well as the conscious world of the character, it can refer to the subtext. Based on the content learned, in the design of the storyboard, when encountering scenes that are inconvenient to express with pictures, you can consider expressing through dialogue in the future to increase the expressiveness of the picture and enrich the character of the characters.
Through this week’s study, I realized that dialogue is not only a way to enrich the character’s character, but also an important tool for supplementing the picture. Therefore, in the later design of the storyboard, a large number of dialogues will increase the expressiveness of the picture and the richness of information, so as to facilitate the audience's understanding of the worldview structure of the story. 2021. BBC One-Sherlock. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 30 April 2021].

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By Guo Bingqian (Mila)
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Published On: 03/05/2021