Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, the work I produced is a story template called "The Birth of Natural Laws". This work studies the help of background music to narrative through dubbing.
I took the game "Silent Hill" as a starting point. As a thriller and horror game, background music is very important for shaping the environment. However, this time I focused on a song "PROMISE" in Silent Hill 2. This song was written by the famous Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka. It is a metal style music, and there is nothing particularly fancy, but calm down and be careful. Taste it carefully and you will find that this piece is very narrative. It gives people a kind of: because they can't sort out the memories and can't let go of the past, so they can't hold the present, can't see the future, it goes back and forth, and there is no sense of end. And this feeling fits perfectly with the story characteristics of the game Silent Hill. So I think the appropriate background music is very helpful to the narrative and the audience's understanding. Therefore, in the development of this story, background music will be actively incorporated into the narrative method. Hope to add more interest through this new narrative method.
According to the reading materials in class, I realized that the speed of eye perception is slower than that of ears, because it has more things to do at the same time; it has to be synchronized in time and explore in space. "Therefore, when facing a sound movie, the eyes are more proficient in space and the ears are more proficient in time." Therefore, the eyes and ears effectively serve each other, especially in fast-moving cartoons. Just like "Explore and demonstrate the possibilities that technology brings through precise and creative sound and image matching" (Jacobs, 2015: 65). Combining this point, I think that the degree of matching between the performance of the image and the performance of the audio should not only be parallel and non-interference, but should be crossed and echoed in order to better express the story.
Through class study this week, I broke the idea that the expressiveness of the picture is above all for the story. Through the communication with classmates, I strengthened my awareness of the use of sound. I hope to add appropriate audio effects to the storyboard to set off Environmental expressiveness.

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By Guo Bingqian (Mila)
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Published On: 03/05/2021