Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Rationale | Intention 

  • I want to create a series of short frame by frame Surreal Animations, starting off with 2D and maybe moving on to 3D. 
  • This idea was inspired by a short food animation of tomato ketchup that I made during CPS class. 
  • The goal is to learn how to make my illustration practice more dynamic, to make some of my crazy imaginations come to life, and to find my style in the process. 
  • I intend to use this opportunity to learn how to make more fluid, seamless animations. This will help me with larger animation projects in the future. 
  • I also want to learn how to incorporate sound into my animations. 

Context | Field 


  • I plan to experiment with various sketches and figure out what I am interested in depicting through my art. 
  • I will try to simplify complex surrealism concepts. 
  • I will use this opportunity to teach myself software like Blender and Adobe Animate. 
  • I will find the best method to add sound effects to my animations. 
  • I plan to create a new short animation loop each week. 

Production | Tools 

  • Sketch out basic idea and elements, both manually as well as digitally on Procreate. 
  • Figure out frames on Procreate 
  • Animation using Opentoonz and/or Blender/Animate 

About This Work

By Devika Menon
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Published On: 15/03/2021




2d animation, AGI Studio 1, AGI Studio 1 Folio 1, surrealism