Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


This week’s topic was the body. In the class, everyone showed many cases. Afterwards, I searched for a Youtube body makeup blogger named Kika who gave me a lot of inspiration to create more interesting looks with the body. My initial thoughts about the body, I thought of games like Ring Fit Adventure, which use the body to complete a series of actions to achieve goals. Then I got more inspiration through some Mario videos. It is well known that in the Mario series, players need to change the size of Mario's body to travel through the game by changing the body size. So I want to change the setting of the body's functions.


I will use procreate for 2D drawing, and then use AE to make animations to show the different character states formed by different body functions. Make this character more suitable for various game scenes to achieve the purpose of customs clearance.


My work uses the combination of body and natural elements to achieve the transformation of body functions. The elements I can think of are fire, water, ice, wind, mountains, thunder and so on. I think this character can appropriately transform these elements as power to complete the game. For example, in a scene where there is no land, the character can transform into the power of the wind and move forward on the map. In the dark night scene, the character can use the power of fire to illuminate and attack. In the sea scene, the character can use the water element to walk in the sea. It is very interesting that these elements will combine with the character's body to achieve some unimaginable operations. The same element will have multiple functions for players to discover. At the same time, how to obtain different powers is also something players need to explore. I think this type of game is novel in terms of gameplay. What's better is that players can explore a lot of different customs clearance ideas. It is a game that requires thinking and trying.


Through this work, I got a very happy experience. I browsed a lot of interesting videos before I started making them. I found that many artists are already using the body to create games. The theme of the body can really derive a lot of fun things.  When conceiving my work, I made some attempts to integrate the function of the elements with the body, and spent some effort on the expansion of the function. This creation made me realize that I should pay attention to some classic works that I have known before, such as games such as Mario and Cookie Run, which are games I played when I was young. They have all realized the physical changes of the characters in the game, adding more playability. In the following exercises, I will try my best to use my imagination in reference to make unique works, perhaps in a stranger way instead of on the computer. I am looking forward to it.



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By Momo Wang
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Published On: 28/04/2021