Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In response to the theme of Place, I wanted to analyze how sound changes the environment and how emotions affect Place.

In my opinion, sound is one of the important factors that make up a place.One fact that has been well documented in film and game works is that different sounds (rhythm and melody) can cause people to have completely different emotions and create some changes in their perception of the space they are in, or to associate with another place.In many cases, Place refers not only to a real Place, but also to a Place imagined or remembered.

My main inspiration for this work was a short film about what the world looks like when people listen to music(But I couldn't find the author for this video). He took a video of an ordinary street and added background music and sci-fi elements to the second half of the video to contrast it with the first half of the real street. And use that as a background example for this week, my work describes a girl in a noisy environment through music into the universe.In this topic, I'm going to make a 2D animation, as I'm starting to experiment with more 2D hand-drawing this semester.

My work video:

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By chythia shen
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Published On: 23/04/2021