Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I intend to find out the special feelings of people who are self-abased, hopeless or in deep depression, these people always try to be along, instead of getting in touch with others, or become quiet, only talk to themselves. I want to express these emotions via animation, and to achieve this goal, this work will help me improve my basic art skills and inspire me on the expression of my final work, besides, it helps me to find out the effects of different art style. When finished, this work will develop the concept through expression of 2D animations.

This goal is so important because these feelings are surrounding us every day and filling the inside of us, the only way to deal with them is to find out what are they and try to face with them bravely. If successful, the work will help us to learn more about those feelings and animators may benefit from this experiment of 2D animation skills. My work will be different from others because I try to get in touch with the deep feeling inside people, especially for people who feel abased and under pressures, I will find a good way to send these feelings to audience.

The focus of the work is to show these abstract feelings to audience, it is difficult to do it impressively, but luckily I learn from a huge number of talented artists who are doing similar thing. Masterpieces like “Skhizein” (an animation that tells about an mental illness), “Thought of You”(an animation using lines to draw a graceful dance) can be very good examples for me, and I will make some test to make concept more clear and get emotions, characters and stories balanced.

Like last year, I will keep making 2D animation works, usually via After Effects and TVpaint. In order to express these feelings in a good way, I plan to focus on several kinds of art styles and transitions, but I have not decide, so I will make more experiment and achieve step by step.

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By Chen Zhang
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Published On: 28/02/2018