Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Statement of Studio 3 Project

NAME OF WORK: Individual



With this work, I intend to explore the ideas of relationships among people.

This idea is, essentially to tell a truth of life that everyone in this world is an individual in the end, no matter what relationships we have now.

Important to the work is explore how to use the red thread to express the changes of relationships among people, and convey the solitary feeling and the cruel truth little by little to audiences.

The idea will be expressed as 2D animation. When finished, the work will develop the concept through the symbolic use of red thread.


The reason for doing this work is because I want to practice my filmmaking techniques and storytelling skills to convey an idea in animation.

Last semester, I did an animatic for this work. And I got some great feedbacks from my peers and mentors.

So, this semester I am going to do some reflective practices.

- Adjusting the timeline to convey the idea and emotion gradually.

- From the protagonist’s perspective to think her thinking and reactions.

If successful, I think the work will exhibit excellence in use of symbolic forms, storytelling and filmmaking techniques.

My work is different because it combines the symbolic way with the story to show the changes of connection.


Other similar works are:

Father and Daughter – Michael Dudok de Wit

Examining the context, I can see the emotional aspect of the film is strong but subtle by the perfect rhythm on storytelling. I could emulate the similar progressive rhythm to tell my story.

Through You - Lucette Braune

This context uses another way to show the relationships between people. What I could learn is the use of symbolic form.

Souvenir – XiaoXue Zheng

I admire the transitions in this film.


The software I intend to use are TVPaint & After Effects. One is for drawing and animating, another is for compositing and effects.

TVPaint is a convenient tool to make storyboard and animation. But not enough for camera things. That’s why I need the After Effects to help me solve some more difficult filmmaking techniques.

My workflow is:

1. Looking back my previous storyboard, combining the feedbacks that I got and doing some researches.

2. A physical storyboard.

3. For the best visual effects, I am going to change my characters and art styles a little bit.

4. New animatic.

5. Making a complete film.

My workflow and method will allow for the best expression of the idea because doing the research could help me learn more professional knowledges which about timeline, storytelling, rhythm…etc. The physical storyboard is good for me to master the rhythm of the whole story.

About This Work

By Vita Nie
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Published On: 28/02/2018