Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

NAME OF WORK: Board game design


With this work, I intend to explore game design through the creation of a physical board game the explores war and combat in a Chinese historical context. I intend to examine the connection between interactive game play and board game design particularly in a strategy game context. The idea will be expressed as a game set in a fiction set in the time of The Three Kingdoms (Medieval).

Important to the work is the examination of simple game mechanics to explore complex strategic situations while retaining player engagement. 

When finished, the work will develop the concept through the iterative creation of a board game that uses interactive techniques of strategy, resource management, chance, and turn based game play.

The reason for doing this work is I want to understand why interactive is more important in a board game and how to make a perfect balance of fantastic board game.

If successful, the work will exhibit excellence in a complete physical board game of player battle ground. Players will use their strategy to get resources or fight with other players to get their resources. It has some ancient Chinese strategy knowledge or old event in it. It may enable players to understand Chinese culture in the course of the game.

My work will be different from existing work because it need to learn some theory about interactivity of game, and I will use it into the board game setting and game system.

Other similar works are “Monopoly”, “Four season” and “The Catan”. There are all famous board games in this world. Examining the context, I can see these games move the interaction perfectly into the game, and the game is not particularly complex, and the simple rules make the new player easy to understand. I want to learn their game settings and learn how they balance the game.

In order to express the concept, I have chosen to add a variety of card game elements to my game and make the strategy part more playable. I want to absorb the excellent game settings and ideas, extract their advantages and cut the complicated things and to become a new game

The materials I intend to use are Ps, Sai, Painter to drawing card systems and use Pr to make a introduce or demonstration video, in the final I print out the map and card system with industrial A1 paper, using a hard paper shell to make the outside package of the game and make the chessmen using the Lego's Square.

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Published On: 28/02/2018