Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Direction Section

with this work,i intend to explore the ideas of “mind-boggling".

This idea is,essentially shows when people apply extraordinary approaches on dealing with difficulties. it's like movie MR.Bean, he can always solve some problems in expected ways.

Impprtant to the work is to encourage brainstorming and cooperation between players,they need to solve their unique puzzles.The idea will be expressed as a unity game. When finished, the work will develop the concept throughthe  gameplay, experiment,and interaction.

Argument/Rationale/Gap section

The reason for doing this work is that I want to improve my skill of game development and try my best to test whether i can turn my dreams to reality or not. If successful, the work will exhibit excellence in the interaction between players with game and  complete concept of the game.

My work will be different from existing work because i never touched this kind of games concpet before.


Other similar works is Human:Fall flat.

Human:Fall flat is a physics puzzle game where players play a customizable human,Players need to manipulate game characters to complete a variety of tasks. Examining the context, I can see how well the game deal with interaction betwenn differents players and design interesting game le vels.


The materials I intend to use 3Dunity, photoshop.

In order to express the concept, I have chosen to work in 3D unity, because it can build up a good game system, and provid a intersting interaction.My workflow and method will allow for the best expression of the idea because i design the interaction of the game systime can be a good way to express the "brain-bogging" in the game ,and i will spend lot of time and effort to do it.

This scene screenshot is my summer practice,i did it for prctice unity skill, 

then not finsih yet, it helps me to know some game progarmming and using 

UGUI to do some work.

About This Work

By Bruce chen
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Published On: 28/02/2018