Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
  1. Rationale: Intention

Considering the length of the animation. I plan to make a 2D action animation. In my life experience, fighting scenes in animation have always been my most interesting field. And fighting drama can be attractive enough in a short time. At the same time, I also want to further challenge this work to myself.

  1. Context: Field

My work is related to action concept drawing. Yutaka Nakamura and Chengxi Huang are outstanding animators in this field. These animators are extremely good at action scenes in 2D animation. Through my observation of their works, it is a very effective way to use the movement of the box to express the explosion scene, and can create a good sense of movement and greatly improve the production efficiency. And the role of fighting can also be simplified as much as possible because I found that the fighting movement will greatly make up for this problem.

  1. Method

I will use Toon boom Harmony to make animatic and the final version. The background will be finished in Photoshop. SAI is my main tool to design character. In the design stage, I will use Maya to simulate spatial changes as auxiliary software. I am going to understand the design and arrangement of fighting drama by browsing some animation or game pictures. The character will be simplified because considering this type of animation requires a high amount of keyframe painting. Sound effects and background music will also be switched according to character actions and story points.

  1. Production: Tools & Timeline

Software: Photoshop, SAI, Toon boom harmony, Audition, After Effect, Maya

Week1: Character design, plan formulation, action design thinking

Week2: The final draft of the character design and arrange movement coherence

Week3: Make storyboard and adjustment

Week4: Make animatic and find the right background music

Week5: Inbetweenings making and easy coloring

Week6: Prototype completion, simple compositing

  1. Outcome

A 40-50 second looping action animation.

About This Work

By Xue Haowen
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Published On: 06/03/2022