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Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Folio 2


I will continue my folio1 theme for 2d animation production. I clarified my theme and content format in folio1. I am using AE to make an abstract 2d animation to show my understanding and feelings of intimate relationships. I hope to express emotions and feelings through the form of works. In folio2 I will record and edit sound effects, which I have never done before. In addition, continue to make more new scenes and make the connection smoothly. Now I have 4 scenes. In folio2, I will make 6-8 new scenes. There is a short story behind each scene. The audience will also understand my expression through their own understanding and background sound effects. . In addition to these, connecting each scene is also another goal for me. The current transformation between each scene is not very coherent. They are relatively single and repetitive. I will do more research on related works to find suitable transformations for my works. I wanted to make a complete 2D animation, which I had never done before. And also voice acting and sound editing, the combination of sound and animation can bring changes to the audience's perception,  which I have not considered before. Another important part is the fluency of cohesion. Smooth cohesion has a better effect on my works, but it also means higher difficulty.


According to the theme and production method of the work, I think my work is positioned as a 2d abstract animation. The animation works I refer to include "(OO)", the film works "The Dolls with Attitude", "Genesis", and "AMA". Among them, "(OO)" uses a lot of metaphors, which are very empathetic. In addition, the transition of each scene is also very smooth and natural, which is a good reference. The other three films are good references for my content. “The Dolls with Attitude” extend the mood into a mask that used exaggerated performance. “Genesis” has great color changing of the screen, the editing and rhythm of the film make the audiences think. “AMA” combining background music and video editing, a good sense of rhythm suffocates the audience and is completely involved in the film.

I want to express emotional changes and feelings in 2d animations through metaphors. This is what I think is different from other animation works.

Method and Tool/schedule:

I will use After Effects to make a 2d animation, draw the keyframes and import them for editing.

Week 7-This week I will draw a storyboard of a new scene, download the software for sound editing and learn some knowledge of sound effects, and prepare the lines of the sound effects of the existing scenes

Week 8-Start to make a new scene, 2-3 scenes a week, if possible, test the good handling of the part of the scene connection. Write lines for new scenes

week 9-Create new scenes, 2-3 scenes a week, test the good processing methods of the scene connection, and write the lines of the new scene

week 10-Create new scenes, 2-3 scenes a week, do not change the existing connections. Find a friend to record.

Week 11-Sound effect editing, organize animation content, check whether there are any content and places that need to be modified


A 4-5mins abstract 2d animation will be done after week12.


The Dolls with Attitude


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By Zhang Jingyi (Vida)
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Published On: 09/09/2021