Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

First two week's ideas.

Last semester, I made a rough game which spent me a lot of time on learning coding. Considering about the area that I really interested in, I prefer to do some small research first, trying to get some ideas from them. The main direction still around character design and 2D animation.


With this work, I intend to explore the ideas of the sense of fear from life.

This idea is, essentially shows where people's sense of fear come from in their daily lives and attempt to make the work aroud real image behind these horrible things.

Important to the work is trying to capture the emotional elements to make the work has a better performance and atmosphere through research and imagination, aiming to make the characters and the environment not that superfacial.

The idea will be expressed as pieces of storyboards, gif or short animation. 

When finished, the work will develop the concept through composition, color, editing and sound.


The reason for doing this work is that I want to improve my skill of atmosphere control and inner emotion build up, though the theme 'fear'. This theme is more clearly for emotional work, and more closer to our life.

If successful, the work will exhibit excellence around our peers and my post page.

My work will be different from existing work because it has the theme and manifestation that I did not tried before.


Other similar works is Junji Itou's animation ' Fish'.

Examining the context, I can see the horrible creatures - fish that he made contains the imagination and plenty of knowlege about biology, which gave him a wider field to enrich his work. Junji Itou also add some plots about the relationship between friends and families, espicially the at the backgrond of disaster and doomsday, the performance of these relationships even more profound. I want to find the techniques that he used to show the deep emotion, but perform in another easy way.


The materials I intend to use are Sai, Tvpiant and After Effect.

In order to express the concept, I have chosen to work in Sai, because it could provides smooth and free lines which helps me to show my idea freely.

My workflow and method will allow for the best expression of the idea because I spent much time on getting familiar with these software, so it could offer me a basic space to concentrate on my project. 

About This Work

By Yu Liu
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Published On: 28/02/2018


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