Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


This semester, the origin of my project is based on the relationship between individuality and universality, the idea is essentially to explore simple design elements that exist and interact in a complex organic system.

This idea will be expressed as loops of 3D motion graphics clips, using the engines Maya and Cinema 4D.

When finished, the work will develop the concept through experiments of animation paths, oscillation, rhythm and time regularity of design elements, such as basic polygons that exist as a unit but belong to a bigger and complex system.



The reason for doing this is that I personally feel attracted to animation of repetitive acts, to a sense of organic/hand-made look, and to the beauty I find in details of stuff. Also, through my artistic practice during the last years I’ve been drawn to inquire around these themes related to existence as a break of our busy daily life and make a space-time to reflect about our surroundings and lives.

And last but not less, I want to create a showreel using the outcome of this semester, as well as improve my animation and motion graphic skills and conceptually I want to improve my design thinking practice methodologies.

My work will be different from existing work because it is based on the organic twist I pretend to apply in the motion graphic clips.



Other similar works in terms of a systems:

Other works that deal with these concepts and ideas are:

Some other works related the organic subject are:

Hugo in the garden: "How common artificial materials work into an organic atmosphere"

Minimalist Papercut Illustrations


Twistedpoly showreel 2017:

It is beautifully done and includes high-quality works that I admire.


The materials I intend to use are basic 3D polygons, animation paths, 3D organic systems. In order to express the concept, I have chosen to work in Maya and Cinema 4D.

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By Ana Quintero
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Published On: 28/02/2018