Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Stan and Sven: A Plan to Help Stan 
Stop Motion Animation Short Film

Directed By: Amber Stacey
Written By: Denise Stacey - Based off the original children's story by Denise Stacey
Animation: Yee Hui Wong & Amber Stacey
Music and Sound: Lucca Torres
Narration: Amber Stacey
Compositing: Yee Hui Wong
Video Editing: Amber Stacey
Set Design & Puppet Fabrication: Amber Stacey
Props: Denise Stacey, Yee Hui Wong & Amber Stacey

Supervisors: Carlo Tolentino
                      Jeremy Parker

Behind the Scenes Highlights:

RMIT University
Masters of Animation, Games and Interactivity

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By Amber Stacey
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Published On: 12/07/2022


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