Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The main idea of this work are desire and self-facing.

The reason I choose this idea cause it is difficult for people to really understand what he/she wants and it is also a trip to know him/herself, they are maybe eternal topics in stories and movies.

The idea will be expressed as a short animation about a man running through a strange city at night.

When finished, the work will develop the concept through" composition, invisible editing, use of light and shadow, contrast between stillness and movements. metaphors"


I do this work because I want to show some of my feelings about the past several years when I lived and studied in Shanghai China. I went there to study in collage but the collage life was not very good for  I chose a major that I don`t really like. It was a very depressing time for me to think about what I really want  and finnally I chose to work as an artist after my graduation. 

If successful, the work will exhibit exellence in the field of developing visual concept for animation and movie.

I worked as a profesional storyboard artist for animation and some live-action movies for some years and all my works were just for other directors. So I really want to do some personal work that is based on my own ideas. I d like to test my skills to make an animation and show the feeling that can be understood by anyone. 

And it is a good chance for me to understand how to control the story, storyboard, animation, sound effects as a whole thing so that one day I may become a director of animation or movie.

My work will be different from other works because I will try to make the animation with a lot of contrasts(dark and light, stillness and motions, slow and fast, quiet and noisy)


other similar works I would like to learn from :Mind game, The brighter summer day, Red line.

Red line is a very crazy racing animation film. almost all the racers a allien lunatics. I like the exageration expressions of speed in this animation and try to learn from it to show the speed in my own work.

Mind game uses a lot of metaphors to show the feelings of the charactors and also has some very impressive running scenes. and the strokes of this animation is very simple but stylish, I will try to learn from it.

The brighter summer day is a very dark story about the  life in Taiwan after the civil war in China. in some scenes, the director use very dark background and high contrast light to show the deppressing feeling of that time and there is some hope at the same time. I d like to use the dark and light thing in my film.


The material I intend to use is 2Danimation.

I would like to make it through 2D animation in TVP and editing in Sony Vegas.

I choose this method because they are both widely used in animation and movie industry and very easy to use in practise. Especailly TVP can give me lots of freedom to create different style of pictures and easily edit them.

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By Yang Li
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Published On: 28/02/2018






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