Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week I have been looking at developing animatics for my gif series. I decided on 4 gifs, and developing the animatics has involved using Photoshop and Animate to develop points of motion within each sequence.

Two of the gifs have the environments themselves moving significantly: these are the blinking room (pictured), and the breathing bed. for these, I used a combination of Photoshop and Animate tools to animate the original environment images that I developed last week. The sense that I want to create with these environments is that they are alive.

For the rollerskating and the tripping gifs, I only have had to animate the character animations within the environments so far.

My next stage is going to involve working out the colour palette for this series, and expanding on what other motion I want to involve in each sequence. This could be additional, more subtle environment movement or character movement. For the colour palette, I want to move away from bodily colours because I don't want this to be a straight up horror genre series. I'm interested in natural, bushland themed colour palettes because that reflects where I am in lockdown in Central Victoria

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Published On: 25/08/2020




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