Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A continuation from my first post of the 200 drawing exercise; here is my completion of the practice for Studio 2. We were given a lot of leniency and liberty on how we could tackle the exercise in order to experiment with our project.

I took the “Ideas for Making” approach by creating sketches towards my Minor Project. In essence my 200 drawings consist of 50 unique sketches whereas the rest are a variation of said sketches. This allowed me to play with different tones and styles while still maintaining the same theme. The theme emanates from the idea of character interaction with sundry objects that vary from weight and size. I want to practice the principles of animation in this regard so that I could successfully visualize the struggle, or lack of struggle as the character interacts with the objects. My 200 drawings aren’t necessarily a sequence that represents an animation but more so of individual frames subsequent to the aforementioned theme.

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By JeeHoon Oh
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Published On: 05/03/2018








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