Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Rationale: Intention

Based on the rough animatic and other preproduction materials developed In Folio 1, I will move to the actual production of the animation and I’m aiming to have a finished piece by the end of Folio 2. The completed animation shows my own practice and exploration in fast action animated sequences, and an emerged style of design and animation throughout Studio 1.

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My project sits within the traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation. I’ve been looking at animated shots of fighting/ fast action in Folio 1 and I’ll be researching for more stylised animation in my related works in Folio 2. I would like to differentiate my work by adding my personal style (use of brushes/ line-works/ animating etc.) into shots of fast action.

Currently, I’m looking at ‘The Tale of The Princess Kaguya’, a short 2D animation released in 2013. The used of roughly sketched line-works on both the characters and the background really made this piece stand out from other 2D animations by its unique style. (Takahata 2013)

Also in the animated series ‘Fog Hill of Five Elements’, the director used traditional Chinese ink painting style to depict some of the animation and special effects in this animation, which I would also be studying in the first weeks of production. (Hun 2020)


By reviewing the preproduction materials from Folio 1, I realised that my original plan of style frames and length of animatic does not sit well in a six-week production timeline and I’m more than likely to be running out of time. Thus, through the production, I will first be doing quick experiments to find out a better solution of style frame and shortening the length of the animation as I’m drawing out rough extremes and breakdowns. Also in the first two weeks of production. I will focus on roughing out extremes to make sure that I have got enough time for cleanups later on.


TV Paint/ After Effects/ Audition

Week 7 - Review and finalise style frame, start roughing out extremes and breakdowns

Week 8 - Extremes and breakdowns

Week 9 - In-betweens

Week 10 - In-betweens

Week 11 - In-betweens and backgrounds

Week 12 - Composition and sound design


A fully finished 2D animation with sound designs (approx. 1min).

About This Work

By Hongyin Shi
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Published On: 11/09/2021


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