Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

1.Rationale: Intention

I'd like to continue working on an unfinished 2D animation project for which I previously had a basic concept and some sketches. I've never completed any type of animation project before, so I'm hoping to make an effort to do so with this folio project.

The story named ‘Monster’ which portrays an autistic little girl – Ophelia, four years old, and her very unusual vision of the world - a scary world with monsters. The story presents Ophelia with her mother on their way home. Her mother met and chatted with a neighbor. But from Ophelia's point of view, her mother is talking to a monster that is ready to eat her and her mother with its bloody mouth wide open. This tale was inspired by my primary classmate who is autistic. He sees the world in a very different way than we do. Rather than dismissing their strange behaviors and emotions, we should endeavor to comprehend them.

The story will be told from two perspectives: the third-person perspective and Ophelia's first-person perspective. The personification of her inner chaos. To reflect the heavy collision between reality and imagination, two separate drawing effects and styles will be used. The conflict between reality and imagination will be the story's climax. The monster is poised to touch Ophelia and try to eat her in her imagination. In the real world, though, the mother's friend attempts to soothe Ophelia's emotions and make her out of nervousness. The story's climax is created by switching between reality and imagination on a quick basis.

2.Context: Field

This is a 2D animation. Because there is no prior experience, neither the technique nor the end portrayal will be overly complicated. I've done some research on comparable topics in the past, and I have a few favorite animation authors who have done some excellent work. Some of the animations are well-known, while others are still student projects. But there's no denying that they all provided me with a wealth of concepts and ideas. I'll list some of the more relevant animations. 


The theme of the story is about the unhealthy relationship between a mother and daughter. The damage and suffocation caused by an over-controlling mother to her daughter. The animation has very informative graphical textures and expressions. Usage of inverted images and various expressive styles to reinforce the subject.

  • AMY Karlijn Scholten

Very informative student work. The choice of the theme, as well as the style of painting, are quite similar. Especially the painting style is comparable to what is expected to show the imaginary inner world.

3.Method: Conceptual, Technical, Craft & Management

For me, the immediate challenge is to learn some animation skills, which could take a few weeks. I expected this to be the most challenging phase because I had no prior expertise with animation. I could spend more time on how to make the animation because I already had a rough plot. Of course, the subsequent adjustment of the plot's pace is also crucial. This is something I'll think about before creating a storyboard. I also need to practice drawing a lot. It enables me to complete a large amount of drawing work rapidly. Character design is also crucial and getting the proper and appropriate character can help me in achieving the finest possible animation as best as I can. I didn't think I'd have enough time to dub, so I will look for some ready-made background music and sound effects. 

4.Production: Tools & Timeline

I have a basic grasp of how to create a short, animated. Depending on current personal skills and concepts, it can be shown in a frame-by-frame animation, which can be modified in the following weeks. Software involvement probably includes PhotoshopIllustratorAfter Effects, and Krita. The specific software may change or add, and this will be investigated further in the future learning to see which software will be more suited, faster, and convenient.

I spent most of this week working on the folio plan and polishing the entire storyline and plot. I've made a rough plan for the timeline, which could change at any point depending on how things are going.

W2-3: Learn software for producing animations and do the weekly practice motion graphic/effect or short animations (I believe that a study duration of two to three weeks is appropriate, however, the time allocation will probably be changed in accordance with the learning)

W4: Character design (this week could also be utilized to learn the software if the software isn't well-understood)

W5: Practice drawing for character movements and emotions

W6: Animatic storyboard (If there is enough time, sound effects can be added)


If time permits, I'd like to do a rough sketch animation otherwise it will be an animatic storyboard. I'd like to make this animation as detailed as possible, so I'll probably include some sound effects and background music.

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By Ziqi Li (April)
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Published On: 22/07/2021