Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

  1. Rationale: Intention

I will continue to explore my project idea developed in Folio 1, but strive towards the more technical and physical side of game production than just concept designs. I hope to develop 3D and game ready assets (modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing), explore shaders, build the environment, rig and trial animations (for creatures) etc. 

I have yet to decide on a presentational format for Folio 2.  Depending on the time constraint, i may either present my work in a render stills (like photographs of the world), short video capture (like a documentary) or as a playable prototype (no mechanics, just visual environment + creatures)


2. Context: Field

My field would be game design, and research will be primarily targeted at games with beautiful environments to serve as inspiration for this project. I want my environment to feel lived in, diverse and dreamy.

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest (whimsical environment / mood, my current vision for the environment is very similar)

  2. Monster Hunter World (Beautiful environments are built with creature behaviour ingrained in them, traces of them ‘living’ exists throughout the environment)

  3. Subnautica (Huge environment with story integration, discovered upon more exploration. Plays with scale quite well (very big and very small creatures) which made the environment felt more diverse)


3. Method

Some sketches of plants / rocks will be completed in Photoshop.

I will utilise programs such as Blender, ZBrush and Substance Painter for 3D modeling and texture painting of assets.

These objects will eventually be taken into Unity for placement. If I want to present still renders of the scene, I might use Maya (Arnold) or Blender. If I decide to just create an environment ‘documentary’, then I might play with URP (Universal Render Pipeline) or HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) and post processing in Unity. ‘Documentary’ means that there might not be player interaction, but just a camera panning around to show the world. If a game prototype can be produced (player able to walk around) then this will most likely be produced in the Standard version of Unity, unless I figure out a way to make Player Controller work in URP or HDRP.

4. Production: Tools

Week 1 - Basic mechanics planning + Asset list

Week 2 - Concept design of vegetation + Modelling + Texturing

Week 3 - Modelling of environmental rocks + Texturing

Week 4 - Creature rigging + Animation (Possibly more creatures?)

Week 5 - Placement of assets into Unity + last minute touches

Week 6 - Shaders, Render Pipeline, Post processing trials

About This Work

By Yi Wu (Amy)
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Published On: 23/04/2021