Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In one part of human history, cat species also have a negative potential for humans. Because of a different story and tradition in several religions. Many people still believe that cats are symbolic or spawn of evil and the black cat is the symbol of the unfortunate and immature. All of this because of their personality and the remaining belief that they are a servant of witches.

In the film and story writing Industry, there are many cat villain characters who have the role of an important character who impels a storyline by making conflicts and put themself into position in the different sides of the protagonist character. 

This research, run out by the question

“How might we use several types of villain characters in the classical film to create a new character in the form of a cat, which can create an attraction to the audiences?”

Which can separate into 3 sub keywords.

-           Cat character: The main protagonist for this research and also an important variable to create a feline villain character. Cats are animals, which totally have a mysterious personality and totally attraction to humans for a very long time in history.

-        Villains characters: A definition of villain character, that includes the variety type of villain characters in film history. In the story writing, most of the characteristics are affected directly in the animation's story, specifically in the role of a villain character.

-       Attraction with the audiences: in the film industry, there are several methodologies in a procession of filmmaking which provide many advantages in the part of improving the outcome pieces and also attracting people to have an emotion joint with the storytelling

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