Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This prototype was part of an excercise on design thinking and rapid iterative process. Lily created it based on my answers to interview questions.

It describes an exhibition experience where each room evokes a different emotional reaction from the audience. This satisfies my wish to build a narrative experience using surreal visuals. Beginning from this initial idea, what would I need to start doing, what should I stop doing, and what should I keep?


  • Developing a library of assets to populate the rooms.
  • Thinking about what kinds of forms, colours and textures can evoke different moods.
  • Considering music and sound effects.
  • Looking into the logistics of physical installations as well as projection artwork.


  • Feeling the need to have an explicit narrative or 'message', instead letting the experience be the message
  • Thinking of the rooms as unconnected. The exhibition should have a flow, each mood mingling smoothly with the next.
  • Thinking in terms of digital artwork. There need to be physical objects in the space.


  • The feeling of sensory overload in certain rooms. This is about rich, detailed experiences contrasted with areas of tranquil emptiness.
  • The creative use of passages/doorways between rooms. These can be curtains, tunnels, even fine mists of water.
  • The feeling of a cohesive world that is being described. All the moods should be able to coexist together.

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By Orlando Mee
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Published On: 01/03/2018








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