Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

This week, I am doubling down on iterating my protagonist for my music video and I am also focusing on fleshing out the location and colour scheme that I will be using.

For my protagonist character, who I am calling Squish for now, I have 2 different version of what they will look like: a smaller, squat variation and a longer, elegant and wavy haired version as well. The reason why I have 2 versions of Squish is because in developing my idea aesthetically, firstly I realised I wanted to explore more fantasy ideas like fairytales and folklore. In doing so, I wanted to have a transformation of Squish from their everyday form into their 'magical' or 'ascended' form.

In looking at fairytales, I was also inspired to explore the Russian folklore boogieman of Baba Yaga. This witch lives in a house that walks around on spindly chicken legs. The idea of a club or music venue that lures patrons in and stalks the night is visually super interesting to me, so I started some rough iterations of interiors and exteriors for this music video.

I discovered a trick to developing a colour palette from scratch from this video and used it to develop palettes for an interior nighttime club scene and also for my protagonist. Once I have decided what colour palette I like most for my protagonist, I am going to expand into the rest of the ensemble cast.

By next week, I plan to have begun working on some Keyshots and concept art.