Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

one of the main assets that will be in my music video is the lighting, which will be its own physical component within the world of the story

I looked up some tutorials on how to create a sweeping rave light in After Effects, but the main issue that I had with this effect was that the light's edge was blurred and I could not control the blur. What I want from the lights is for them to have very clear, defined boundaries, like paths of light.

I quickly worked out that the simplest way to achieve this effect was to use a png file of a coloured shape. Then, I can layer this in Premiere with my other assets (background, character animations) and toggle the opacity and blend mode

I used for this lighting test clip a Screen blend mode, and worked out how to toggle the ease of the rotation to make it feel more organic and sweeping than simply a rotating object in space

I am currently animating my protagonist as well for the Vertical Slice shot, for at least one 3 second long clip