Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


In this shot, the young lady runs to the bus that is parked at the stop sign, and when she arrives, she gasps for the door before getting on. In this test, I made an iterative animation of the character running.

This week's practice gave me a really good opportunity to test out the character's running animation. In the beginning, I simply made a few keyframes to test the speed and rhythm of the character running over the short distance. (picture.1) Then I did the action test. I made a simple sequence of the character running to the bus from two directions (picture. 2, 3) and found that there are two difficulties in the progress. The first is how to make the character r stop and connect to other movements within a limited distance.The second is how to control the size of the character when running from the camera to the distance, in line with the laws of perspective. I observed the running animation of the female characters in Howl's Moving Castle and found that they used a combination of 24 frames per second and 8 frames per second, using different frame rates before and after the character's feet landed, which inspired me. In the previous experiments, I used 12 frames per second, which made the character's movement seem uniform but mechanical, without rhythm. Afterwards I used the method I learned in Moving Castle to do the motion test character walk and run transitions, made an animation sequence (picture.4) and used it in my own project(picture5). Yee reminded me that the arms should be more wiggly though it was holding the bag.Further, according to the lecturer  Nico's suggestion, the character's spine should be leaning more forward. Due to time reasons, I can't continue to do the iterative test, but this test will continue after the end of my project, because in 2d animation, the walking and running of the character can be said to be the simplest and the most complex part, It would be a great help for my future 2d character animations if I could understand them better. Most importantly, it made me feel that my basic skills in character action production still need to be strengthened.


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By Xincheng Wang (Gustavo)
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Published On: 25/10/2022