Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Young lady tearing off old photo glued to calendar before departure. I tested iteratively, trying to recreate the natural movement of one hand to peel off a photo from a calendar.

In my initial attempt (Picture1) I didn't consider how the adhesive tape on the photo would behave in the animation and the texture of the photo, and made a test that made it look like "take off a piece of paper which was just put on the calendar”. As a result, the whole action looks very strange. So before subsequent iterations, I photographed my own hand as the subject as a motion reference, trying to recreate the entire motion. (Picture 2) This led me to discover that the stickiness of the tape can be expressed by the pause and displacement of the hand. (Picture3) And I also noticed that the photo is not as soft as paper, so it doesn't give a paper-like curl when taking it away. And slowing down the whole action can make the whole action seem cautious, reflecting the character's cherishing and love for this photo.(Picture4)


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By Xincheng Wang (Gustavo)
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Published On: 25/10/2022