Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

In the studio3 project, I was not very happy with the shot of the boy crouching. So this week I did more research and exploration on this one movement.

I divided this action into simple parts to complete. Left hand, right hand, cat head and cat body. The overall movement causes them to make overall changes, while the left hand and the cat’s head move together.

When I first started drawing, it was the first time I was serious about drawing a background image. So I didn’t have a good grasp of its size, and I wasted a lot of time drawing content outside the window. After getting the background to fit the picture, I started to draw the boy’s movements. At first, the boy’s hands were very unnatural, as if he was doing fitness exercises with a cat. When adding the image of the boy thinking, the movement of the hair was also very unnatural, so I removed the extra change. When designing the squat for boys, I considered kneeling. But this action is too complicated, and the visual effect is not particularly different. This week’s workout was very meaningful for me because it allowed me to deepen how to supplement in-between frames after drawing keyframes to achieve smooth movement.

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By Zipei Zhong (Fiore)
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Published On: 24/10/2022