Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


According to the theme of this week, I plan to conduct an environmental test on my animation project, especially for the comparison of light atmosphere changes in different time periods.


  1. Because my project is not just 2D animation, my animation is divided into many layers, so I can adjust and design the layers separately. For example, in this video in the daytime, I basically keep the object scene solid colored, and take the relatively pure blue as the main tone of the picture to show the sunny weather. At this stage, I did not use very complicated color adjustment and post-processing.

  1. For the second scene, I chose the twilight moment. For this scene, I plan to use a high contrast background as the main light source, and then the water surface will no longer show blue, but use a purple color to express contrast. Gold and purple are often the common twilight colors for Japanese anime. My twilight pictures are from wallpaper websites (, which generally fit the scene idea. I have made gradual changes to some lights according to the light exposure angle, After many attempts, I finally chose the deep glow and glow darks effect for the background image, and I also adjusted the color of the sea surface.

  1. The third scene is the scene of night navigation. I used gradient color filling for the background of this scene, and then used the effect plug-in of night sky to achieve the effect of the starry sky. I continued to retain the clouds used in the first scene, and filled the clouds with color effects. Then I adjusted the transparency and multiplication effects to get the current cloud effect. Then I used light processing on the sea and ships to make the sea more dreamy. Of course, in addition to these, other objects, including characters, have superimposed a fill layer on the layer to adjust to the atmosphere of night.


This project is mainly based on After Effect software. Through these tests and project production, I deeply realized the key of iteration in post production. A slight change in color can bring about great differences and create an atmosphere. How to reasonably play the role of late software is the level that needs to be further studied in my future research.

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By Xue Haowen
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Published On: 07/11/2022