Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Methods: Procreate 2D drawing, TBH 2D drawing, PR
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In the animation, the characters can be divided into two types,
one is the god while another one is human. And you can see
them in two huge different body size. When I tried to make
the audience to pay more attention on the character, I will
weaken the presence of gods to make them more like a
background. While when the attention move to the god, the
turn to be more like a view from top to look down (most of
those views are in order to show the identity and relationship
between characters).
as this week’s topic link with stillness, I wanna do with the
specific part which in the part near to the end in animation,
that the god is getting confused what human being really
need and they walked in frond each painting. And I picked
three main scenes in the animation. One is the god moving in
the gallery behind the paintings and another is a Napoleon
segment representing the war, where the hair flow of the
horses and the movements of the animated humans were
compared to the background environment like the mountain.
While, another one is a waving field, it representing someone
(the wolf) moving inside, and this one also compare with the
distant fields

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By Meg Gong
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Published On: 07/11/2022






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