Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


According to the theme of this week, I plan to use three shots to show still animation.


  1. For the experiment of the first project, there is a shot of seabirds jumping into the sea to catch fish in my animation. This shot is very suitable for pause processing. The action of birds jumping into the sea is a high-speed action. However, after entering the sea, the background of the shot is almost static, which can highlight the restless atmosphere. In this short animation, I made a distinction between the underwater atmosphere, realized it with dim colors, and animated the water spray into the water. As the water spray disappears, the picture tends to calm.

  1. The second animation is followed by the first shot. The bird rushes out of the sea to the blue sky, then the shot follows and breaks through the clouds, followed by a basically static shot. The cloud moves slowly, and the boat stays in the center of the shot, so that the whole picture feels suddenly stopped. This kind of speed is relatively paused, and the open lens is very suitable for expressing an open and cheerful happy mood, which also proves that some paused animation can express a positive mood.

  1. This shot mainly shows the character's lost mood according to the paused state of the environment after entering the tunnel. I try to test the design that can be cycled before and after the formation of clouds. This test mainly shows the relationship between the character's mood change from sunny days to dark days and the static state.


After several animation tests and production, I realized that paused animation can well control the rhythm of the story, change the trend of the story, and better express various moods and atmospheres.

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By Xue Haowen
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Published On: 07/11/2022