Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Methods: Procreate 2D drawing, Toon Boom
harmaony 2D drawing.
Related work: 1928 Dadaist Film(1928)
2D animtion or live action?
Cartoon or real object?
positive or negative?
In this week 7, I firstly listed a few binaries
relationships in my 2D animation work. And two of
them are most interesting. For the art style it will be
the live action and 2D animation, while I also has
the positive and negative attitude.
The combination of different artistic styles, the
emotional contrast, the transition between shots
and the contrasting colors , all the things are
displayed in Oh my god help me. For the week 7 of
the attempt, I wanted to make a combination of
actual objects and animation, just like collage in
Dada. Although the live action are changing to lines
with 2D animation,I still use some real objects into
some shots. And I also searched many stop
animation which are most in dada style as the
example. Like the picture I showed right side is the
screen shot of 1928 Dadist Film.
For the stop motion one, I firstly tried with different
style. One I tried with real photo background to
display the inside of the universal company and its
production lines. Then I also tried with like different
hands animation, which more like the puppetry,
only the joints of the hand are movable. Another
try is to combine the real object with the 2d
drawing as I mentioned before. I use those two
combination way to show the differences in the
world. For the god’s world, everything are real and
touchable, while the human world are in the
painting. When the god tried to watch human is
more like we watch the paintings on gallery, its kind
like the alive self-portraiton harry potter’s world.
And in the real world, the human character who are
able to move the real object such as the pen here
and and they can also set on the real paper box on
the table.

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