Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
1.Because I want to make animation of the sea, I
think it is more reasonable to use Maya to model
coastal cities.
2.Because the protagonist enters the ferry by car, I
think the car can be completed by 2D animation.
3.As long as the character goes up the stairs quickly,
he can show his excitement.
4.Because in order to express the good memories on
the ferry, I think it is necessary to create some stories
about other characters on the ship besides the main
I find that if I model, my workload will be huge, so I
plan to build a city on the sea by mapping, and
clouds, cities and blue sky are mapped separately. In
this way, clouds can also move to achieve the effect
of space movement. The method of making city
texture is to use real pictures, and then use
Photoshop for special effect processing to get results
similar to the animation style.
This method can really speed up the production efficiency,
but there are also some defects, such as the problem of
panning when moving the lens at a large angle. Yee
suggested that I add depth information to the map, and
then I tried to test the map

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By Xue Haowen
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Published On: 07/11/2022