Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Aim : In these examples I was trying to use the animatic to translate the sense of motion through limted sequential art and editing through both timing and camera moves. (camera shake, fast pans etc) My inital spark and intuition for this came from my research of action scenes in animation - both eastern and western. This week in particualr was very inspired by the direction methods in the animatics for the adult swim animated series "Primal"

Method: Some camera use has been synthesised by traditional animation (drawing the images to scale and in time to produce transistions in the same shot (the arm animation being a prime example of this) other examples, such as many attack impact and high energy dialouge scenes have taken advantage of camera scaling and motion blur in after effects. this is a simple and efficient way of mimicking the effect of these scenes without having to result to a more laborious method of potentially animating it frame by frame.

Result: I believe the result is succesfull in translating the sense of speed, style and movement to the animatic, with the timing giving me a vital starting point for basing the key poses and timing of the animation when it comes to future pencil tests.

Discussion: As previously mentioned, the blocked out timing of these simple animatics provided a path for the animation to follow - the goals of the overall project (dynamic animation and camera movement) are prevelant here, and will influence the animation moving forward.


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Published On: 27/08/2021






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