Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Methods: Procreate 2D drawing
Related work: PARTLY CLOUDY(2009)
In week two, the loop topic. I focused on the
emotion trough facial expression changes. How the
body and face show a person is enthusiastic or sad?
And this will be helpful with my 2D animation as
the human being character is mainly focus on body
language rather than dialogues.
While in my initial plan, the god will show as two
normal audiences to look human world, so the
facial expression is essential as well. Since the story
is following with the timeline in real history. I pick
the campfire as a loop to see how it works with
shadow and light.
The different character design and the idea use the
similar shape and to do different facial expression in
the weekly practice comes from the animation
Partly Cloud (2009). There is a obvious difference
between those two character design. For the happy
and peaceful cloud, they are always laughing and
enthusiastic. All of them are in a soft shape with
light and warm color, while it shows difference in
the sad and partly cloud. It always drooping
eyebrows and thundering, and also in a cold gray
Tom an Jerry may be a significant part in my
childhood, the animation company draw the
process of the cat is chasing the rat to be a
representative loop. And I am getting idea from it to
do with my animation test for storyboard part 3 the
“I wanna fly” man.
This guy is immediately jump again to the abyss
where it was just rescued. This gonna be a funny
loop to display the stupidity of human-being. As the
consideration of secondary auction to improve the
characters, I let the character to touch its chin while
he/she is thinking after rescued. It looks like he/she
is getting clear of how dangerous the abyss is but
he/she is actually thinking “Oh I must do that again.

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