Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

I use simple lines to highlight facial emotions. I use three different colors to highlight the emotions of different organs, then combine them together.

In the second week, our theme is loop. I tried the movement loop of character shape in my work

My purpose is how to track the motion of different parts of the character’s face to express the character’s emotions and the reasons for the color selection. I use procreate to draw the animation loop of the eyebrows, mouth and facial contours, and then superimpose them to create a complete facial expression.

My background is the anxious expression of the girl in the footage after she finishes her line.

Because I chose a static frame in the footage as the background, the motion of the animation strongly highlights the movement of the girl’s facial features. In terms of color, because the footage comes from old movies, the color images and black-and-white movies have a strong contrast. according to Correspondence analysis of color–emotion associations

by Mitsuhiko Hanada, color can help convey emotion.

This week’s experiment made me realize how useful levels are as an animation technique. Use color and shape tracking to show different levels of movement to make the visual impact more intense.

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By Georgina Gui
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Published On: 19/03/2021