Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


How to effectively use loop animation to express the feeling and atmosphere of loneliness through color, texture, and motion.


In the three tests, I aimed to express the moods of leisure, loneliness, and sadness, respectively, through loop animations that change color from daytime to evening to nighttime.

  • In test 1, I wanted to convey the relaxed mood of a girl daydreaming during the daytime because I often daydream when I am alone. I used elongated shapes and some dot-like creatures to represent thoughts that drift away from the brain.
  • In test 2, I created a girl sitting in the dusk. As I felt that the lonely state of the girl in test 1 was not clearly expressed, I had the girl sit alone in front of a window, remaining motionless. I attempted to use the swaying of the trees to represent the wind and the feeling of loneliness. I also added textures to the background that were not present in test 1.
  • In test 3, I continued to use the same textures and techniques as in test 2. I wanted to express a lonely night in this loop animation, so I combined the ideas from test 1 and used the moon or pearl to represent tears. I adjusted the timing in test 1 to slow down the opening and closing of the eyes because the slow closing of the eyes could create a calm atmosphere. Therefore, in test 3, I continued to focus on the animation rhythm of the eyes and the speed of the pearl dropping.


In my attempts to express loneliness and solitude through color, texture, and motion, I found that slow motion was more effective in conveying loneliness.

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By Lu Zhang Luna
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Published On: 05/06/2023