Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


The subversion of my assumptions about how to move a character from painting to reality. In my previous IOL projects, I was worried about how to make the special effects of the characters coming from the painting to the real world. Then I made frame-by-frame animation and tweened animation tests, including flash, mesh, and other special effects. To subvert these assumptions, I'm going to remove the special effects and make the fantasy action directly into real motion.

Tweened animation using After Effect with plug-ins Duik and Joysticks

The character jumps out of the painting like breaking through the wall

It doesn't seem unreasonable, but it does feel a lack of impact. Actually, special effects can cover up some shortcomings of action animation, but on the other hand, since the action is more carefully designed, instead of just relying on light effects to cover the character, which makes the animation more vivid, maybe on this basis, it would be a good choice to add little special effects that are not too dazzling.


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By Yutian Cai
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Published On: 08/09/2021




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