Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

IOL test

In my animation, I faced a challenging scene where I wanted to depict the concept of individual perception. The scene involved two characters  with helmets that represented their unique perspectives. These characters saw a bird flying around in different ways. The blobby character, filled with excitement, tried to draw the sad character’s attention to the bird.

To address this conceptual problem, I needed to find the right visual approach. My unsuccessful previous attempts were influenced by the few assumptions, which I tried to revise.


1. The blobby character needs to point on the bird

2. We can see the bird only through the eyes of the character inside of the helmet

3. The bird looks frozen when we see it in the helmets from behind

I explored two alternative approaches:

- Show the bird as a reflection on the helmets (front view of the characters).

- Depict the bird flying in front of the helmets and transforming as it moves (back view of characters).

To further subvert the assumptions, I considered the following ideas:

- Make the bird an active participant. It can fly from one helmet to another, changing its form.

- Instead of pointing, the blobby character can ex-press excitement to the spiky character using various emotions.

The design and the motion style decisions of the bird in the scene

In this scene, I had the task of designing and determining the motion style for not just one, but three different incarnations or embodiments of the bird.

The bird in the abstract world (outside helmets):

Characteristics: Abstract, simplistic, existing in an ethereal state, moving in an unrealistic and abrupt manner.

The bird in the yellow helmet:

Characteristics: This bird evokes a sense of awe and delight. It possesses smooth, graceful movements and showcases an elegant design.

The bird in the dark helmet:

Characteristics: Reminiscent of the style of cubism, this bird is composed of straight lines and geometric shapes. Its design is fragmented, and its movements are abrupt and pose-to-pose.

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By Yana Fidan
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Published On: 04/06/2023