Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
After the scene was set up, I still chose the midnight time
as the lighting basis, but this time I did not choose too
dim lighting, because I found that if the lighting was too
dim, it would be difficult to show the convenience store
attribute. , but I tried changing the color of the light, like
cool colors. But the problem remains, because I find that
it can backfire if the scene is too weird, such as the green
light that makes the convenience store feel more like a
prank haunted house, which is rather comical.
So in terms of lighting and environment, I try to restore
the feeling of a late-night convenience store, and then
make the environment weird by distorting the space.
But I quickly found out (with feedback from teachers
and classmates at the same time) - this kind of distortion
is not suitable, because it is just a simple distortion and
does not integrate into the setting of the scene, such as in
the game "control", in the huge And the space distortion
will be generated next to the weird device, which is
reasonable because it implies that some unknown
experiments are also in line with the game's story
So with the help of my classmates, I chose the first
person experience, and added a camera shake animation
to simulate the movement of the first-person, then I
chose to add the shopping cart as a threat element,
because it was more in line with the convenience store
setting, the final feedback Got more support.

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By Huang Yangkai (Sam)
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Published On: 24/10/2022