Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
In response to the weekly theme of texture and light, I drew three animations for the background image in my game.
This time I’m trying to use a new application Clip Studio Paint.
The first animation is about the light movements when projected on trees and the wind blows water to show its flowing texture, also the light shadows on the river are moving because of the winds.
The second animation is the effects brought by wind to show the texture of leaves.
The third is a combination where the wind blows leaves to the river, and then leaves flow away with the water.
It was a challenge to try a new application, although I found I am still used to using Photoshop. My works in previous weeks are all linework animations. I think linework may pay more attention to shapes and transformation, which is concretization. While this time the animation is mostly using colour blocks, which may show an abstract sense.


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By Yunjia Jiang (Irene)
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Published On: 25/10/2022