Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

IOL week 7

Light, colour, texture


The watch is the main element of my studio animation. As in the studio animation, the watch has to open gracefully and play some music, I experimented how the opening of the watch would look over time as it’s constantly rejected by people. For instance, it opens perfectly well when it is new, and as it is rejected by people and shut closed because of their dislike of music, the functionality suffers.

To add to the functionality issues, I experimented with various textures and lighting setups to explore how the pitiable the watch looks as it is rejected my many people over time.


In order to conduct the experiment of opening of the watch, I used the watch which is the main element my studio work. I put the watch on various locations that I created and came up with a few iterations about the opening of the watch. For instance when the watch is new and fresh, it opens perfectly well, when it deteriorates over time its functionality suffers and it has difficulty in opening, and in the end it does not open at all.

To depict the deterioration, I also changed the textures of the watch in order to experiment with the look of the watch and have a different output each time and have a different impression on the viewer each time. I created the textures, in both Photoshop and Maya. I created the locations and the actual animation in Maya.


In the end of this experiment, I had many iterations of the watch opening scene, each iteration had a different way of the opening of the watch, depending on its condition and each iteration also had a different texture and lighting setup. So in the end I had many options for the colour, material and texture of the watch to use in various situations.


After the creation of this experiment, I could interpret that light, textures and colours have a huge impact on the perception of a particular object. We can always experiment objects under various lighting, colour and texture setups, and that can enable to achieve a different look and impact each time. I also realised the importance of texture of any object and its surrounding environment on the scene.

Documentation of work

The documentation of work and work in progress screenshots are attached in a ‘Documentation of work’ PDF document attached to this post.


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By Samridhi Handa
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Published On: 23/04/2021