Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Illusion of Life Week 4

Visual Sound


This week’s theme was visual sound, or in other words, a piece of work that is visually guided by the help of sound. In order to explore the week’s theme, the aim was to create experimental pieces of work, either by working with lines and shapes, or by using some elements from my own current practice. I decided to go with the latter and explore how the visuals I will create for my scene, can be used to portray a different meaning, just using sound in a different context.


In order to explore the week’s theme and tinker with sound, I experimented with three scenarios, the first scenario was a scene from my own concept, in which the child receives the gift, opens it and rejects it. In the original scene, there is supposed to be music in the background, but since we were supposed to tinker and experiment with sound, I decided to portray that the child left the gift on the ground in a very quick manner, as if it was a ticking bomb. This scene was done as an experimental 2d animation scene.

In the second experiment, I worked with the falling of the gift. The falling of the gift is going to a simple dropping down of the gift from the child’s hand on the floor, but I used the music of a falling rock on the ground behind it to change the meaning of the scene. This scene was done as an experimental 3d animation scene.

In the third experiment, I worked with another scene in which a person is opening the gift. At first the scene starts as a normal gift opening scene, as the gift is opened, the watch is portrayed to have sound of huge clock, which again changes the meaning of the scene altogether. This scene was done as an experimental 3d animation scene.


Creating various scenes and testing them with different kinds of sounds enabled me to play with various scenarios and various sounds. In the end, I had three experimental sound videos.


Doing this exercise enabled me to understand that different music and different sounds can render different meanings to any scene. Just a simple change in music can change the entire context of a piece of work and can help convey different emotions, meanings and feelings to the audience.


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By Samridhi Handa
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Published On: 12/04/2021