Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Illusion of Life Week 2 Homework. Part 2.

Sharing my ideation process
My goal and motivation for this project has remained the same but I’ve since changed my thoughts on approaching it from last week by ideating different possibilities.


  • Start focusing on negative space and how to meaningfully apply it.
  • Start thinking on a good driven but transparent storyline.
  • Start storyboarding or constructing key poses interposed between different keyframes.
  • I should cache a few animations that have similar motifs to mine and create a list of what makes them unique so that I could extract my own distinct experimental product.
  • Not only establish a firm injunction the character must abide by, but also successfully show the rules and restrictions (Show don’t tell).


  • Slowly begin to deviate from focusing on the project’s “broader scale” ideation and begin to fixate towards the Micro scale. The minute details that will carry the story.
  • Stop elongating the animation by trying to add subplots or expanding on the already established premise. Don’t deviate from the original script. The ideations and iterations of the project should revolve around the theme at all times.


  • I want to keep the character + object interaction in tandem.
  • Keep the silhouette simplicity. Allow the animation to do the talking.
  • Keep looking at other projects with similar motifs.

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Published On: 14/03/2018






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