Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

IOL week 11


As my IOL direction is focussing on character animation based on my studio project, and in this week’s response, we could experiment in our main direction, I decided to place my focus on the scene transitions where the watch is to be passed from one place to another as it is rejected by many people on various occasions. The transitions in between each of the locations is a central of focus of my studio animation, as it displays the watch’s pitiable condition over time.


In order to work with the transition scenes of passing of the watch in various scenes experiment, I rendered out multiple ending scenes of each location where the watch is present. After rendering each scene, I tried different iterations and combinations to figure out which one looks the best. I put all the scenes in premiere pro and I used various editing tools to come up with the best combination options for the transition. I also used a watch clock’s rotation present as the watch brand’s logo on one of the gifts to depict the movement in time, and the movement of gift from one place to another.


In the end of this experiment, I had a series of experiments for the scene transitions. I also had multiple options to choose from for the transitions for the studio project to convey that the watch is passing from one place to another. While a few iterations of the experiments went perfectly well and were included in the main work, there are others which did not work very well and had to be discarded, because they could not depict the transition very well.


In the end, I could interpret that transition of scenes in this animation and in any animation. The way the scene ends and a new scene begins, guides the user’s eyes through the animation and also helps the animation in making for a good output. I also feel now that experimenting with scene transitions and planning them in advance is also an important element of any animation. I also aspire to use the technique for future work.

Documentation of work

The documentation of this work, the work in progress screenshots are included in the ‘documentation of work’ pdf attached to this post


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By Samridhi Handa
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Published On: 15/06/2021