Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Due to the 'Stay at Home' rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to be creative with how I can demonstrate Heartree in a real-world, physical setting, in order to present an online demo pitch to the Moreland City Council, Dr. Troy Innocent and other stakeholders. The presentations slides, along with the above demo video, were presented to the council on Tuesday 19th May 2020.

As the main interaction of Heartree is all about physical touch, I didn't want to just create a virtual 3D simulation of the installation. I wanted to be able to film myself touching the tree to trigger the different soundscapes. 

Therefore, I decided to create a cardboard tree to set up Heartree, and film myself interacting with it.

It was great to interact with Heartree in a real-world, physical space. it highlighted a lot of things that might otherwise be overlooked if I was just replicating Heartree in a digital simulation - e.g. how long wires will need to be; how to secure, connect and wrap wires coming from each rope sensor; how the trunk sensor will wrap around the trunk; heights and distances of components; where the Arduino will need to be located; and so on.

This demo illustrated how useful it is to make a real-world replica (even if it's at a smaller scale) when working on installations, as it could potentially highlight any issues and pitfalls in an installation work.